Spanish Language Immersion Program and Exchange
with a focus on
Midwifery and Women's Health


This program is designed for those who work with the Latina populations and are seeking to integrate communication skills and cross cultural abilities. This is a Spanish language Immersion and midwifery exchange with observation and field work based on the participant's level of experience and language progression.

Course Description:

The Midwifery and Woman's health program centers on the communication needs of the students and in building oral skills with direct application to women's health. Traditional midwifery and socio-cultural field experience provide an opportunity for dialog and exchange. Basic and intermediate Spanish language applicants, practicing Midwives, Doulas and students, anthropology students with a focus on women's health studies, as well as holistic practitioners are welcome. Enrollment is for groups of five only. The attention centers on each participant and their learning needs with classes, assignments, field work and conferences. Related health skills and language ability increases as the participant is guided or interned in the field.

The basic Spanish immersion midwifery course is for 8 weeks.
Upon arrival to the language school each participant is evaluated for appropriate placement according to level of fluency and health care experience.

The first four weeks focus is on the development of Spanish language skills. This is obtained in a cultural context with lectures, practice and feedback. There is a mix of study time, verbal practice and time for the development of a different world view, that of the culture.

The last four weeks include exchange with midwives from the region for observation and fieldwork. Conferences and courses are focused on practicing midwives work.

Analysis and correlation between traditional, alternative, complementary and medical models.

General schedule:
Week activities, from week 1 to 4

Class hours
per week
Class hours
per course

3 hrs. a day
15 hours
60 hours
Interactive Spanish
2 hrs a day
10 hours
40 hours
1 hr a day
5 hours
20 hours

Daily Schedule

Hour Class Options
8:00- 10:55 Spanish 5 Readings and activities to develop oral and Social cultural abilities for the health field.
11:15 - 13:00 Specialized vocabulary
Communication and interaction in different situations.
Role-playing: childbirth
Cares: pre and post childbirth
Idiomatic expressions
Conversation, Cultural context

Talks: Traditional medicine
Women’s roll in urban and rural areas
Mexican health system
13:00- 14:00 Spanish workshop in a larger group Religion in Mexico
Midwives ancestral knowledge in current traditional medicine.
Alternative medicine and the relevance of the Midwives’ roll inside rural areas.
Health, development and community Midwives’
experience recognizing abuse during pregnancy.
Dichotomy between traditional and post modern medicine

Optional programs every week include:
14:20-16:00 Personal attention Pronunciation Conversation
Contrast analysis Guided visits Videos

Activities from week 4 on
Fieldwork and Placement
This is a guided progression that includes opportunities to visit with midwives in home, clinic or other women's health services. The practices are facilitated during the second part of the program as participants become ready for field work; with a grounding of language, culture, and women's health care communication skills.
Traditional midwifery, herbal medicine, use of reboso, traditional massage sobadas, diet and spanish for mother/baby's health.