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Traditional Midwifery and Medical Science Summit August 27 to 31
Tradicion Y Science en un Mismo Camino


During the week of August 27 to the 31, 2007, for the very first time the latina midwifery community is gathering with medical doctors to dialog on how Medical Services and Physicians collaborate with traditional midwives. We are in 'un mismo camino' the same path, that of health and well-being for all mothers and babies.

The Traditional Midwifery document by and for 'Traditional Midwives' in Latin America will be presented as well as topics on health care and mutual collaboration. A goal of the Latin American community of traditional midwives is to establish the International Traditional Midwife Network during this week long summit as many countries in Latin America will be participating.

This is a fantastic opportunity that has been co-created between the State Association of Midwives in Morelos Mex, the Autonoma University of Morelos, the new School of Traditional Midwifery in Cuernavaca and Comadres Institute global exchange, and the good will of international speakers and Latina midwives.

The community of midwives in Cuernavaca serve close to 45% of the mothers in the area. Cuernavaca is located only less than two hours from Mexico City. Support indigenous ways and Latin Midwives' education with the new midwifery school in Cuernavaca. Physicians, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas, Educators, Reproductive Health Workers, Advocates, Students and Mothers;

Aztec Dancers, Healers, and Traditional Midwives invite you to the event.

Summit Opening Ceremony Teatro 'Morelos' Noon on Monday the 27th of August
'Morelos' Theater House down town, City of Cuernavaca, Mexico

There are many midwives from Guatemala, Colombia and other locations in Central America needing your support to attend this event. If you can not make it, send a traditional midwife instead. We will match your donation for meals and transportation, with housing and a waved program registration fee for traditional midwife healers and elders traveling to this gathering. Donations are at your discretion. Thank You.

Mail Donations to:

Comadres Institute Elder Fund
P.O. Box 420180
Summerland Key FL 33042

Registration for the summit opens at 8am from Aug. 27th at the 'Casa de Teatro Morelos" (Ave Morelos 188)
Please register at the door. US $100.00 for the week-long summit.
There are accommodations close to the conference site
Lodging and food are not included in the summit registration.
You do need some Spanish, however translation will be available to English.
Plan to arrive the day before the event, contact us for more information at our Email or,
call Marina at 305 744-3370 in the US.

Marina Alzugaray MS, CNM
Facilitating Comadres Exchange for Midwives and Reproductive Health Care Providers

ALSO: There is a two month Spanish Language for Midwifery and Women Health Care and internship available with a language university in collaboration with the midwifery community of Cuernavaca, plan for fall or for the Jan 2008 class for the Woman's Health & Midwifery Spanish Language Immersion Program.